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Cheap Teeth Whitening Kit

Our eyebrow expert, Lauren Cruz has 10 years experience with shaping and correcting. Anywhere from a classic brow clean up to increased definition and improved fullness, Lauren or our other professionals who have been trained directly under her will start with an in-depth personal assessment regarding your eyebrow’s natural hair growth pattern and expertly measure using brow mapping techniques . They will then proceed to customize an eyebrow blueprint skillyfully suited to frame your facial structure and eyes.

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best at home teeth whitening kit


Lauren Cruz

2020 Waxer of the Year

& Award Winning Eyebrow Artist

With 10 years of experience in her Industry, Owner and Founder of The Body Department, Lauren Cruz has mastered her craft and honed her skills in eyebrows across the board becoming the internationally recognized Waxer of the Year amongst the peers in her industry and NJ's most sought after eyebrow and body waxing specialist.

For more articles, interviews and information about Lauren and to see her work please visit @thebodydeptnj on instagram.

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