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From your eyebrows to your toes, we offer full body waxing for men and women. Our wax specialists are the fastest and most thorough in the business.

Our hard wax is made from the finest ingredients in Italy and is the most painless wax on the market.  We have three available waxes to use to ensure we can accommodate hair in every situation. 

Our European Blue wax is our most popular, comfortable wax with maximum flexibility.

Our Hypoallergenic pearl wax is available for our guests who have allergies. 

Our Charcoal "Barber" wax is our most durable wax for coarse, stubborn, regularly shaved hairs.

Permanent Hair Removal

Using the latest growth inhibiting technology, we offer the most effective, non invasive permanent hair solution to ever hit the market. Epilfree is not limited to only complying with specific pigments in the skin or hair and is proven to work better than laser hair removal and electrolysis by killing the follicle in its anagen phase, All while being entirely painless. 

Have just a few stubborn hair follicles on your face? Try the Epilfree Home Spot Treatment sold in our shop.